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Karen Connell of speaks to Targeted Individuals about her experience and what she has learned in overcoming the Beast System. She and her husband have been ministering the gospel of salvation, healing and deliverance for over 20 years. She has been interviewed on "Now You See TV" and has been very successful in helping victims become victors through insight and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Our Father is raising up an army of overcomers!
Overcoming The Beast System

Günther Hess of Rapid Church Planting Training Hub. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we dream of starting a discipleship group every day which will grow to become an established micro church. Everyone needs fellowship with other Christian brothers and sisters in small group settings. We have developed a system to help.
Rapid Church Planting Training Hub

Linda Casraiss is the CEO/Founder of GateKeeper's Ministry International. She also hosts GateKeeper's Ministry International Radio Station, which the Lord has taken global with forty-some nations tuning in to hear Prophets, Apostles, Evangelists, Pastors, and Ministers.

She has been a Missionary of the Gospel to China, Russia, the Philippines, Jamaica, Israel, and throughout the United States of America. Linda has ministered and taught the Word of GOD also on Reaching Out Radio for 3 years.

This dedicated Evangelist teaches Soul Winning classes from a manual she wrote and has a newly published book, "How to Win A Soul to Christ and Make It A Lifestyle".

In addition to all Linda has accomplished, she is a human rights activist and has extensive knowledge of the electronic technology being forced upon humanity and especially Targeted Individuals. Her heart is to offer hope and solutions from a spiritual perspective.
How to Win A Soul to Christ and Make It A Lifestyle