Deliverance Prayer Curses From Dishonoring Parents19:09
Deliverance Prayer Evil Soul Ties1:20
Deliverance Prayer Fear5:22
Deliverance Prayer From Illicit Sex Soul Ties2:30
Deliverance Prayer Generational Curses6:31
Deliverance Prayer Offense7:26
Deliverance Prayer Woman Curses5:18
Deliverance Spiritual Warfare w Frank Marzullo1:43:38
Evil Heart of Unbelief1:33:06
Exposing The Enemy1:10:48
How To Deal With The Spiritt of Suicide50:17
How To Deal With Tormenting Spirits1:35:29
If Im A Christian Why Am I Sick1:18:53
Is Your Foundation On The Rock or Sand32:40
Jealousy In The Ministry1:26:26
Kingdom of God 0146:28
Kingdom of God 021:13:11
Kingdom of God 0346:54
Kingdom of God 0437:36
Kingdom of God 051:12:21
Kingdom of God 061:10:30
Kingdom of God 0757:36
Kingdom of God 0836:32
Kingdom of God 0944:03
Kingdom of God 1042:45
Let Us Reason Together1:10:52
Resolution To Revolution53:28
Secret Sins1:00:25
Spirit of Abortion45:13
Spirit of Ahab56:28
Spirit of Infirmity1:18:01
Taking Back What The Devil Has Stolen1:38:49
The Far Reaching Effects of Pornotgraphy1:33:58
The Kingdom48:10
The Two Paths of Life1:18:36
The Working of Seducing Spirits1:03:26
Tools For These Times1:47:39
Walking on Purpose53:13