Hong Kong Riot Police Beat Protesters; 'Smart Lampposts' Destroyed - 8.24.19
Zero Hedge - Hong Kong riot police unleashed on protesters Saturday after a tense standoff resulted in beatings and the deployment of tear gas for the first time in over a week, according to CNA. more

Terrifying 'giant fork' Chinese forces prepare to use on Hong Kong protesters - 8.16.19
UK Mirror - Chinese riot police have been seen training with terrifying giant fork devices aimed at controlling rioters by pinning them to the ground. It is believed that some of the crowd control devices are capable of emitting electric shocks in a bid to neutralise any perceived threat. more

Hong Kong Tycoon Warns Protesters and Beijing Against Violence - 8.16.19
WSJ - Hong Kong’s richest man bought the full front pages of many local newspapers Friday morning to run a pair of ads that cautioned protesters and authorities against further violence. more