“I am removing many leaders and five-fold ministers from thrones they have placed themselves on and I am taking My rightful place.” - 8.21.19
Z3 NEWS - The Lord spoke to me recently for leaders in the body of Christ and also the five-fold offices. I heard the Lord say, “There is an intense firing of My hand upon the hearts of My leaders and the five-fold right now and it is important that you yield to it and embrace it, for I am preparing them to partner with Me to see the greatest move of My Spirit that they have ever seen.” more

Prophetic vision reveals devastating attack on United States - 8.20.19
Z3 NEWS - I was lifted up and was flying over the land going east towards the ocean. I continued flying beyond the coast and crossed over the ocean where I saw in the distance what appeared to be an island, but as I got closer, I realized it was connected to the land by a single road. more

Prophetic dream reveals Obama riding behind President Trump - 8.16.19
Z3 NEWS - On June 20, 2017, I dreamed I was going to a wedding in a large open field. People were coming from all around. When I got there some large, flat, round wicker-type ornaments were hung in strategic locations on the trees that surrounded the field. more