About Pastor Colonel

The Colonel is a happy husband, dad and a successful entrepreneur. ​

He held C-Level positions in the Banking and Technology sectors at the international level. He has re-engineered corporate technology enterprise workflow platforms and established international Shared Services Operations. ​

The Colonel served in the Army and USAR for 33 years with 13 years in various Special Operations units and served in Military Intelligence units for 12 year. The Colonel was one of three selected to the rank of Colonel in the Branch of Special Forces and later retired as a Colonel in order to be obedient to God's high heavenly calling on eternal ground. Within his service in the Army, he specialized in Special Operations, Information Operations Warfare, served in multiple functional areas of Intelligence. The Colonel completed his career with more campaign badges and officer qualifications of anyone serving in the army at the time of his retirement. ​

The Colonel received his Bachelor's and Master's degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Aerospace. ​

The Colonel is an Ordained Minister through Grace Theological Seminary where he received his ThD. ​

In 2018 he received an honorarium Doctorate of Ministry from the Emmanuel Theological Seminary, Kalaymyo, Myanmar. Affiliated with the International Victory Bible College, Tulsa, Oklahoma USA. ​

In 2018 the Pastor received a honorarium Doctorate of Christian Leadership and Appointment Certificate of Visiting Professor from Judson International Seminary, in Yangon, Myanmar. Affiliated with Global Gateway University, Missouri USA.

Today he is a building the Kingdom of God through Seedtime Harvest Ministries and the School of Authority Evangelism as his steps are ordered of the Lord.